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 Colleen Cordts Rice

Putting My Experience to Work for YOU!

It is hard to choose a judicial candidate.  It is important to know what is expected of the Chief Justice.  The Chief Justice not only sits with a panel of two other judges on appealed cases from ten counties (Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson, Liberty, Montgomery, Newton, Orange, Polk, San Jacinto, and Tyler counties) but is responsible for the administration of the Court.

So let me introduce myself.  I'm Colleen Cordts Rice.  I was born in Beaumont where my grandfather acted as the GOP Chairman.  I live in Montgomery with my husband, Larry, and children Katherine Grace, Robert, Edwin, and Paddy. I attend Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe.

My husband and I owned our own firm, Rice, Rice & Rice, PC, where I worked as an attorney in Montgomery County for 21 years, helping families with civil, probate and family law cases.  This experience handling hundreds of cases, is similar to some of the other candidates in my race.  What sets me apart is what I do now.

I currently work as an Investigative/Briefing Attorney for County Court at Law Number Two in Montgomery County.  I love my work. 

  • I have the great privilege of investigating all guardianship filings to ensure that individuals' constitutional rights are upheld. 

  • I have the responsibility to advise the sitting judge on the law.

  • I manage the Court Visitor Program whereby we protect over 600 disabled individuals from financial exploitation and physical abuse/neglect.

What sets me apart from the other candidates is that I am part of a team that has been recognized as the Model Court in Texas for guardianship case administration and will be nominated in February as a Judicial Center of Excellence as recognition of excellence in all case management and court operations.  I am the only candidate proven in my abilities to tackle the unique administrative responsibilities of Chief of this Appellate Court - no one else in this race has such experience. 

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